Steven Wilson, patron of the school, describes the spirit of Belmont Rock School & Conservatory (BRSC) thus: 


"While it is possible to reach a high level of technical skill by learning an instrument in the privacy of your own room, music should be a shared experience, a way for you to connect in a spiritual way, but also to communicate with your listeners."

"Nothing can match the thrill of making music together and performing in front of an audience."


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Why learn Music?

There are many reasons but in the main, music enhances creativity, sociability, and physical coordination.


BRSC brings a dual dimension to the learning of music, that of learning music individually and by playing in a band. It is thus that learning music can certainly be fun and extremely motivating. After all, music is about bands, where the intensity of music  is shared among musicians, as well as with the audience.

BRSC also shows the young generation of musicians the rich history of rock as well as promote its unique values. This is why the school receives continuous support from profesional artist musicians and bands - the professional members of the school.



BRSC involves

  • The student musicians with their aspirations and dreams.

  • The professors who transmit music experience, creativity and a will to succeed.

  • The parents who facilitaty and encourage the learning and practice of music.

All three actors need to be actively engaged so as to assure optimal learning.


BRSC organizes

  • Individualized training in music.

  • Band traning in music.

  • A program on four levels: preliminary, intermediate, advanced and higher.

  • Music discovery in blocs of lessons.

  • Classes à la carte for students and adults.

  • Learning the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, violin and combinations thereof

  • Concerts and auditions with student groups.

  • Learning through a unique teaching method that aims at musical autonomy.

  • Learning music theory with a built-in method as well as seminars.

  • Seminars on the philosophy of music, its history and genres.

  • Meetings on music education.

  • Music encounters (jams) with professionals.

  • Music school outings.


BRSC offers

  • Music rooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art music instruments.

  • A unique family atmosphere that is welcoming.

  • A digital educational structure designed to facilitate learning and practicing music.

  • Counseling to address the educational needs of students.

  • A team of talented and creative professors who bring about tangible results.

  • A privileged contact with Music Groove to purchase and lease instruments.


BRSC is an association and thus a moral person as per Swiss law.

English is not an official language in Switzerland; contracts and conditions are thus stated in French.